Jungle Crawl

Performed by 5 or 3 dancers

4 minutes (part of Dancing by Number)

Music: Clarence Williams

Costume Design: In Collaboration with the Dancers

Lighting Design: Lindy Focus

Mastering: Brett Dahlenburg

World Premiere: December 2014, Lindy Focus, Asheville.

Original cast: Gaby Cook, Mimi Liu, Hannah MacKenzie-Margulies, Jessica Miltenberger, Lainey Silver


Performed by 3 Soluq Dance Theater dancers 

10 minutes (As part of Secus Rota)

Original music composed and performed by Eric Mullise 

Costume Design: Kevin Clark & Dancers

Lighting Design: Megan Caravjal 

Music Production & Mix: Eric Mullise

World Premiere: July 2014, Branson Theater, The American Dance Festival.

Original cast: Paulina Espinosa, Natalie Grant, Sue Ishige


Performed by 8 Soluq Dance Theater dancers 

60 minutes without intermission

Music: Arvo Part, Max Richter, Hauschka

Costume Design: Gina Shiappacasse

Lighting Design: Brendan Clark

Music Production & Mix: Kevin Clark

Video and Audio Mastering: Austin Madrid (JAK Media)

World Premiere: May 2014, South Broadway Cultural Center, Albuquerque NM.

Original cast: Sonia Engman, Kaitlin Innis, Emily Innis, Sarah Hogland, Dalila Baeid, Elysia Pope, Chelsea Costello, Shelby Livingston