Artistic Director

Kevin Clark is an arts creator, teacher, and performer based in NYC. Originally a world competitor and teacher for Lindy hop and vernacular jazz, he expanded to join the concert dance world.

He has choreographed and performed for the Santa Fe Opera, Tisch, worked as the choreographer-in-residence for the Gallatin School, Jacobs pillow, Arcos Dance, various commercials and films, TheTank NYC, NYC10, and in works for Lar Lubovitch, Take Dance, Battleworks, and Batsheva Dance company. 

He gained his BFA with distinction from the Elizabeth Waters Center for Dance at UNM in 2014, and his company, Soluq Dance Theater, had its premiere work in 2015 in NYC, and has continued creating since.

As the Director of Soluq Dance Theater, Kevin firmly believes in the cooperative spirit, and encouraging and employing not only the performative talents of company dancers, but their artist minds and sensibilities, and demanding a fuller, more human presence both in the studio and on the stage. The richest work comes when artists are most free.